All Things You Need To Know About Life Insurance

MEG is equipped to handle various types of insurance needs. Whether you are in poor health, have a medical condition, or are in need of specialty insurance… our term life insurance specialists we will help you find the right policy. Get a term life insurance quote now!

Term Life Insurance Basics

Term life insurance lasts for a certain period of time normally 1 to 30 years. Ten years and 20 years are the most common terms. Normally, term life insurance is less expensive than permanent life insurance. Beneficiaries get paid from term life policies face value if the insured dies during the term. For instance, a 10-year term policy with a face value of $200,000 would pay $200,000 if the insured died between that 10-year term policy. Learn more about Term Life Insurance Basics

Life Insurance Medical Directory

Our Life Insurance Medical Directory will lead you to information regarding to certain medical conditions. We provide you with detailed information about each condition such as risk factors, the impact that each medical condition has on life insurance rates, how MEG Financial can help you, and related links to each condition for your convenience. Life Insurance Medical Directory

Specialty Term Insurance

If you have been declined for life insurance or asked to pay a higher rate, MEG’s special term insurance may be the answer to your needs. Here at MEG Financial we provide specialty insurance because we know how important it can be. Learn more about Specialty Term Insurance

Advanced Life Insurance Planning

Life insurance can be an extremely important part of your financial planning. Primarily, life insurance is to cushion the insurers financial effects in the case of death. Certain benefits can be used to get rid of debts or even fund a college education and in most cases provide retirement income for loved ones.

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