Life Settlements

I No Longer Needed My Life Insurance Policy So I Sold It For $43,400

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A Case For Life Insurance Settlements This is a real life example of a case we worked at MEG Financial and illustrates why life settlements are a viable part of life insurance planning. In 2003, we worked with prospect Scott Booth who was seeking term life insurance to cover his mortgage and to get him.. More

Life Settlements: Don’t Neglect Your Fiduciary Duty to Your Clients

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Life insurance has forever been a part of sound financial planning and is a flexible tool that can be used to fulfill a number of needs and achieve many different objectives. Whether you are trying to protect human life value, provide for the income needs of a surviving spouse, build cash value for retirement, fulfill.. More

What is a Life Insurance Settlement?

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In general, a life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy on the life of a person that is usually age 65 or older that has a medical condition limiting their life expectancy. Another definition is the sale of a life insurance policy for an amount greater than the policy’s current cash surrender.. More