Universal Life Insurance

A Universal Life Policy Gone Wrong- Andrew Zathia

Written by Termland.com

This is a real life example of a case we worked at MEG Financial and illustrates the devastating effects of not reviewing your life insurance policy and especially ANY universal life policy. The names have been changed to protect privacy. Andrew Zathia, a 73 year old gentleman residing in Florida called into our office a.. More

Is Your Universal Life Insurance Policy Going To Die Before You Do?

Written by Termland.com

A traditional universal life insurance policy is designed to combine the best benefits of whole life and term life insurance. On other words, level premiums that are affordable  and flexible with the opportunity to build cash value. Older policies, that were funded properly, worked extremely well when interest rates were high. However, the interest rate.. More

Term Universal Life…Is It really term life insurance?

Written by Termland.com

As prices for term life insurance continue to come down, some life insurance companies, in my professional opinion,¬† have taken a short cut to compete. They are offering term life insurance policies within a universal life “framework” that allows them to offer cheaper rates to consumers but with potential negative consequences to you the client?.. More