Empire General Life Insurance Company is now Protective Life

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For over 100 years, Empire General, now Protective Life Insurance Company, has been dedicated to the life insurance and financial needs of their customers. The company is committed to providing highly competitive and customizable insurance solutions, including innovative term life insurance and annuity products, to customers nationwide. Protective Life is committed to providing the best level of service possible while protecting the needs of individuals and families.


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charles d. cusic

My name is Charles D. Cusic. My wife’s initial premium period for her term life insurance policy from Empire General Life Assurance Corporation will turn 20 in 2023, whereby its premiums will increase substantially from $339.50 per year to $3060.50 per year, and then increase again every year following. Obviously, we cannot afford such an increase and I would like to, therefore, request a cancellation prior to its maturity in September 2023, say, June or July of 2023. What is the proper procedure for this sort of thing?

Policy Number 00352643, issued September 2003 by Michael Cooper in Jacksonville, Florida
You can reach me via this email address or call 904 343-2711

June 17, 2022 at 3:59 pm
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