What Did Famous Methodist Preacher Sam Jones Say About Life Insurance?

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“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”

A Few Plain Words to Men of Family…

By the Reverend Sam Jones, of Cartersville, GA., the most famous and celebrated evangelist of his time (1880’s). He attracted a national congregation with a style, wit, and delivery heretofore unknown.

“IT IS the part of the wise and sensible man to look ahead and to arrange ahead.  Whatever of Providence there is in God, His creatures may adopt as a part of their creed and part of their life.  God looks ahead and arranges ahead.  I have often thought of humanity in the connection. I have had my heart touched by scenes I have witnessed.  I have found widows and orphans in destitution.  Does God provide for those who love and serve him?  Yes, God has rained down manna to the children of Israel in the past; God made the ravens take bread to Elijah, and we find instances where He has fed physical man out of his hand.  I believe that while the lilies bloom and the ravens are fed, our bread shall be given us and our water be sure.  We should lay by the harvest while the sun shines. It is well to have the luxuries and comforts of life while we live, but we may soon die, and then what becomes of those whom we love, who are dependent upon us when we are dead and gone?  It is your business to care for your family in life, your business to look after them after you are dead and gone.

I believe in this as strongly as I believe that I stand here.

Is it not well that the pale wife who has watched you and your children in sickness and in health, and who seals with white tender hands your eyes in death, should be provided for after you have passed away?  It is absolutely in your power to prevent suffering and it is your duty to do it.  You must prepare a competency for your wife and children after you are gone.

Providence sometimes provides directly, but more often it puts us in such relations to things that we may provide for ourselves.  He who can provide for himself and his home and will not do it is like the fellow that would not plow by reason of the clouds.  He must beg his bread in harvest time.  Widows and orphans are many.  A man’s highest ambition in life, next to salvation of the soul, should be to provide for those whom God had committed to him, not only while he lives, but after his arm, which has so faithfully labored for his loved ones, has been paralyzed in death.

I believe life insurance is a providence that no man can ignore.  I believe that every man that has a family ought to carry a policy commensurate with his ability to pay the premium.  He may thereby lose some luxury while he lives, but will provide for loved ones after he is dead.

Life insurance is but an investment in the interest of widows and orphans.  So I feel and so I practice.  There is no more cruel thing for a man to do than to leave his family on charity.”


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