Buying Term Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

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For some people, the thought of having to complete a medical exam just to buy a term life insurance policy is ridiculous. The good news is that you may not have to do an exam to obtain a reasonably priced life policy. In fact, if you can meet a few criteria you may be able to secure a term life insurance policy with competitive rates and from a quality insurance company, without doing an insurance exam, in little as 15 minutes. Learn more by reading below or get an instant term life insurance policy quote with no exam.

How Do I Get a Life Insurance Policy Without Doing a Medical?

Not everyone can buy an instant life insurance policy without going the traditional route and completing an exam. Of the handful of companies offering these easy issue instant life insurance policies, most of them have similar requirements and guidelines that you must qualify for to be accepted under their respective program. Some of the most important requirements include:

  1. No significant past medical history including cancer, heart issues, diabetes, etc.
  2. You must answer a few health questions to include any medications you are currently taking
  3. There is an inquiry made to the Medical Information Bureau to verify that you have no record
  4. Minimum age is 18
  5. Maximum age is 60 for the 10 and 15 year Level Term Plans
  6. Maximum age is 55 for the 20 Year Level Term Plan
  7. Minimum face amounts are $25,000
  8. Maximum face amounts are $250,000 with most every company
  9. Must pay initially by credit card online

No-Exam Life Insurance Benefits

For some, the process of applying for life insurance can be complicated and frustrating. One of the main reasons is that the underwriting process to qualify for life insurance can take up to 4 to 6 weeks from the time you make application to final approval of your policy. This process includes full disclosure of your health conditions, a complete life insurance medical examination and even a review of your actual medical records from your doctors. No-exam life insurance is incredibly uncomplicated. If you qualify, there are some significant benefits to getting a life insurance policy without an exam.

  1. Instant Gratification and Immediate Life Insurance Coverage
  2. Easy Application Process with Just Seven Medical Questions
  3. Affordable Rates That Are Significantly Cheaper than most Simple Issue Life Insurance Policies
  4. Level Term Plans of 10, 15, 20 and Even 30 Years May Be Available
  5. No Annual Policy Fee
  6. Coverage is Renewable Beyond the Level Term Period
  7. No Hassles
  8. Easy Payment Options
  9. Policy E-mailed to You Within 24 Hours or Mailed to You Within 48 Hours

Is No-Exam Life Insurance a Good Choice?

Buying a life insurance policy with no exam may or may not be the way you should go. Your best alternative will depend upon your specific objectives. Some reasons to buy an instant issue policy include: time constraints, you do not like needles and therefore do not want an exam or simply you just do not feel like going through the hassles of applying for life insurance the old fashioned way. If you fall into these categories, applying for a no-exam policy takes just 15 minutes and you can be covered today.

Alternatively, if you are in good health and do not mind doing an exam, you will most likely always be able to save money by going through the traditional application and exam process when buying life insurance.


No-exam life insurance is ideal if you look are looking for convenience and do not mind paying a little more to avoid doing an insurance exam. The application process is quick and acceptance is determined instantly. If you are young and in very good health, no-exam life insurance is really inexpensive and an easy way to get covered immediately. For more information call MEG Financial today at (877) 583-3955 or you can get an instant no exam life insurance quote now.

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