Termland.com Announces Diabetics May Now Qualify for Life Insurance at Preferred Rates

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Termland.com, a nationwide specialty life insurance brokerage company specializing in finding affordable life insurance for people with health conditions, announces that Type II diabetics may now qualify for life insurance at significantly lower rates than in the past. In fact, under certain circumstances, individuals with very well controlled diabetes can even qualify for preferred rates with a limited number of life insurance companies.

Diabetes is a significant health problem affecting millions of Americans today and the rate of increase in the disease is staggering. For this reason, life insurance companies have always been very hesitant when underwriting life insurance for diabetics. In fact, until recently most life insurance companies would only offer average or standard health rates for even the most well controlled diabetics with many companies tacking on extra charges for any diagnosis of diabetes regardless of the level of control.

Recently though, several well known and very competitive life insurance companies have become more open-minded with respect to underwriting life insurance for diabetics and especially those with Type II diabetes. Two of these companies are ING and Met Life.

Both ING and Met Life recognize that in many cases diabetes can be managed and in fact controlled as long as certain risk factors are carefully monitored. They also realize that since diabetes is a self-managed disease that there will be many “health conscious” diabetics that will stay on top of their condition and likely have excellent success in establishing long-term control. For many of these folks, diabetes will not have a significant impact on life expectancy and therefore can be considered a better risk for life insurance.

Michael E. Gray, Jr. founder and CEO of MEG Financial states, “Over the years we have been extremely successful at helping diabetics find the best deals in life insurance. The key to taking advantage of this new opportunity for lower rates is controlling your diabetic risk factors. These risk factors include your age at diagnosis, height and weight, daily glucose levels, level of exercise, blood pressure and cholesterol and most importantly your A1C factor. If you can manage these risk factors, your chances of securing lower rates for life insurance dramatically increase.”

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Termland.com, located in Pensacola Florida, is a national online specialty life insurance brokerage agency focusing on finding affordable life insurance for individuals with health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Termland.com is an online authority on everything you need to know about life insurance and specifically term life insurance. The site offers exhaustive resources on the basics of life insurance, specialty life insurance for pilots and scuba divers, business life insurance including key man insurance and most importantly life insurance for people who have medical conditions. Termland.com was first published on the Internet in 2001 and is a subsidiary of MEG Financial.

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